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Garreth Heidt
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Diane Richards
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The StudioChat recorded Zoom sessions will be posted at some point soon. Thank you so much for your patience!

    The Design Thinking StudioChats are Free  | The Series is Facilitated by SummerStudio Faculty in Collaboration with Guest Designers and Educators 
    Welcome, K-18 Art and Design Educators!
    We are delighted to invite you into our homes as you virtually experience our inspirational monthly Design Thinking StudioChat sessions. Join us as we explore how design thinking methodologies are being applied in education and industry from multiple perspectives—including design thinking visionaries, practitioners, former SummerStudio participants, DIG members & grant recipients, museum educators, and beyond.

    StudioChat  |  Tuesday, November 10  |  *Second Tuesday this Month*

    Please join our next Design Thinking StudioChat Guest Presenter, Garreth Heidt! 


    During this StudioChat, we will discover how high school students' curiosity and sense of urgency drive the curriculum. You will leave this session, wondering how we might create classrooms anchored in awe and joy. We will consider ways to design experiences that engage students in purposeful acts of creation. In Mr. Heidt's inNOVAtion Lab, students learn, through wonde
    r, exploration, research, and mentoring to create and construct purpose-driven endeavors. They develop project and time management skills and engage in deep work that employs the 4C's. Through an iterative process, students acquire requisite skills to design innovative solutions to problems they themselves have defined.

    Essential Question  How might we design learning spaces so students can pursue their own interests in deep time supported by a minimal, yet viable curriculum?

    Be prepared to go deep. This session will challenge you to explore the intent and success of curricula that tell us what to teach and when.  It will ask you to enter into a conversation about what it means to design our classes with our students, and ultimately urge you to consider the benefits for you and your students of becoming comfortable with uncertainties and confusion

    Garreth Heidt is a High School Humanities Teacher and Creator of the NOVA Lab at Perkiomen Valley School District in Collegeville, Pennsylvania. The purpose of his innovative learning environment is to provide learners the space and deep time they need to think, create, and establish themselves as purposeful learners. The goal is for students to have an impact not only on themselves but on broader communities. Garreth is a graduate of Temple University with a BA in English and MEd in Curriculum, Instruction, and Technology, and a regular attendee at Bard College's Institute for Writing and Thinking. He has been engaging middle and high school students via unique instructional approaches to creativity and design thinking for nearly 30 years

    To register, please sign into your Google account to complete this form no later than 12 noon eastern time on Monday, November 9, 2020. A recording of the Zoom session and blog conversations will be posted on this website. (these offerings are currently under construction)

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    A Certificate of Completion will be available for each 1-hour PD session upon request.
    Questions? Please contact Rande Blank, Past-DIG Chair at or
    (215) 530-8085

    7:15  Meeting Room Opens
    7:30  Welcome!
    7:35  Meet the StudioChat Facilitators
    7:40  StudioChat Guest Presentation
    8:00  Interactive Discussion
    8:25  Wrap Up and Announcements

    StudioChat Facilitators

    Rande Blank  |  Associate Professor, Director, MAT Art + Design Education, University of the Arts; Past-Chair, NAEA Design Interest Group; Higher Education, Pennsylvania Art Education Association Member; Design-Ed Board Member

    Gayle DeBruyn  |  Program Chair, KCAD Furniture, Collaborative Design, Master of Art and Design, Chief Sustainability Officer; Co-Developer of XQ Super School, Grand Rapids Public Museum School 

    Dr. Jan Norman  |  Founding Director, Design for Thinking Teaching Institute; Past-Chair NAEA Design Interest Group; Former Eastern Region Vice President, NAEA; Former President, Pennsylvania Art Education Association

    Carrie Ann Power  |  Art and Design Education Consultant; Retired Visual and Performing Arts Associate South Carolina Department of Education; NAEA Design Interest Group Member; South Carolina Arts Alliance Board Member

    Dr. Cindy Todd  |  Art Education, KCAD; Co-Developer of XQ Super School, Grand Rapids Public Museum School; NAEA Art Educator of the Year; Former Western Region Vice President, NAEA; Former President, Michigan Art Education Association

    Doris Wells-Papanek  |  Chair, NAEA Design Interest Group; Founder and Director, Design Learning Network; Design Challenge Facilitator; Design Research and Strategy Consultant; Design-Ed Board Member 

    Design Thinking StudioChat Series Support Provided by the NAEA Design Interest Group and SummerStudio Faculty