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    The Design Thinking StudioChats are Free  | The Series is Facilitated by SummerStudio Faculty in Collaboration with Guest Designers and Educators 
    Welcome Art and Design K-18 Educators!
    We are delighted to invite you into our homes as you virtually experience our inspirational monthly Design Thinking StudioChat sessions. Join us as we explore how design thinking methodologies are being applied in education and industry from multiple perspectives—including design thinking visionaries, practitioners, former SummerStudio participants, DIG members & grant recipients, museum educators, and beyond.

    StudioChat  |  August 4, 2020

    Please join our next inspirational Two-Part StudioChat Guest Presenter, Andrew Bencsko! 

    People often order meals derived from diverse cultures without celebrating the origin
    As a recipient of the NAEA Design Interest Group's 2019-2020 Grant Award, I developed, delivered, and documented a design-thinking learning challenge.

    During this part of the StudioChat, we will explore how my students created brands to encourage customers to learn about cultures. 

    Essential Question: How might the packaging of online subscriptions raise awareness of the cultural roots of recipes and ingredients?

    Without notice, being forced to transform design curriculum that must support the needs of students during a pandemic is a daunting challenge to faceWithin this part, we will dive into a couple of unit plans I prepared for my CTE sophomore, junior, and AP senior graphic design classes due to the COVID-19 Pandemic lockdown of 2020.
    Essential Question:
    How might educators transform technology-depended curriculum overnight, knowing that their students will not have access to the digital tools they need?

    Andrew Bencsko is a design educator at the High School of Art and Design in New York City. With an MA in Art Teacher Education and a BFA in Illustration, Andrew is a certified Career and Technical Education (CTE) teacher focused on graphic design and advertising. He is responsible for writing the course curriculum for sophomore, Honors junior, and AP senior graphic design classes. Andrew has been a painter for 30 years, worked in the design industry for over 13 years, and previously taught at the School of Visual Arts. Additionally, he was a co-facilitator of NAEA's 2018 Design Thinking Summer Studio at Laguna College of Art and Design

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    StudioChat Facilitators

    Rande Blank  |  Associate Professor, Director, MAT Art + Design Education, University of the Arts; Past-Chair, NAEA Design Interest Group; Higher Education, Pennsylvania Art Education Association Member; Design-Ed Board Member

    Gayle DeBruyn  |  Program Chair, KCAD Furniture, Collaborative Design, Master of Art and Design, Chief Sustainability Officer; Co-Developer of XQ Super School, Grand Rapids Public Museum School 

    Dr. Jan Norman  |  Founding Director, Design for Thinking Teaching Institute; Past-Chair NAEA Design Interest Group; Former Eastern Region Vice President, NAEA; Former President, Pennsylvania Art Education Association

    Carrie Ann Power  |  Art and Design Education Consultant; Retired Visual and Performing Arts Associate South Carolina Department of Education; NAEA Design Interest Group Member; South Carolina Arts Alliance Board Member

    Dr. Cindy Todd  |  Art Education, KCAD; Co-Developer of XQ Super School, Grand Rapids Public Museum School; NAEA Art Educator of the Year; Former Western Region Vice President, NAEA; Former President, Michigan Art Education Association

    Doris Wells-Papanek  |  Chair, NAEA Design Interest Group; Founder and Director, Design Learning Network; Design Challenge Facilitator; Design Research and Strategy Consultant; Design-Ed Board Member 

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