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Courtney Bryant Featured in ChildArt Magazine
Fast forward to pages 38-39 to read Courtney's story. Several insightful design-based learning interviews and articles included.

A Design-Based Game Changing Challenge
"It is 8:30 a.m. on the first day of school. You approach your first class as a new fourth grader. You see many new faces. Your hands are sweaty, your mouth is dry, and you do not know why you are in the Engineering Design class. What is Engineering Design you ask? Fortunately, you do not have to wonder for very long. Your teacher has a plan!"

Courtney Bryant is the STEAM Project Manager and Engineering Design Teacher at Drew Charter School in Atlanta.

Highlights from Summer Studio Design Thinking,
2016 Game Design

Cleveland, Ohio July 25-29 

Hosted by the Center for Arts-Inspired Learning, Game Design served as a “transformative” professional learning opportunity for art, design, and technology educators. In partnership with Unity Technologies, Case Western Reserve University, the Cleveland Institute of Art, and Young Audiences Arts for Learning, the event built upon NAEA’s 2015 SummerStudio: Design Thinking for Art Educators. We shared ‘hands-on’ design experiences in alignment with the National Visual Art Standards, while exploring engaging strategies of game design.