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Doris Wells-Papanek
DIG Chair, 2019-2021

Cell: 847-772-9959

Deborah Moore
DIG Chair-Elect, 2019-2021

Cell: 972-365-2832

Rande Blank
DIG Past-Chair, 2017-2019

Cell: 215-530-8085

Previous DIG Chairs

Dr. Janice Norman, 2014-2017

Dr. Robin Vande Zande, 2006-2014

Dr. Martin Rayala2002-2006 

DIG Chair 2019-2021  |  Doris Wells-Papanek

It is with a deep appreciation for all that I have learned from Past-Chair, Rande Blank. Our vision is to transform DIG into a learning organization – to support and share art and design teaching and learning best practices. Over the past two years, we have published DIG News; created the Dr. Martin Rayala Recognition Grant Award to support exemplary design thinking projects and design-based learning challenges; and transformed our annual meetings into learning opportunities by way of compelling keynote speakers for all to benefit. Next, we will dive deep into the design learning needs of preservice students; mentorship will become a primary focus. We welcome your questions, comments, and suggestions!

Doris has over twenty years of practice as a user experience designer in Silicon Valley, plus nearly 20 more as the founder and Director of the Design Learning Network (DLN). The purpose of DLN is to empower young learners of all ages, as well as educators and practitioners; to become confident and creative problem-solvers, act as purposeful makers, take ownership of their learning, and make mindful choices. Wells-Papanek holds a bachelor’s of product and environmental design from the Kansas City Art Institute, and a master’s in curriculum and instruction with a focus on action research from National Louis University.

DIG Chair-Elect 2019-2021  |  Deborah Moore

I am honored to join the DIG Leadership Team and share our commitment to empowering design educators, thinkers, and learners. I am following the suggestion of IDEO founder, David Kelley by surrounding myself with like-minded innovators. Please join us!

As a member of the Design Interest Group, Deborah gained educational experiences in learning and leading while participating in the NAEA Summer Studio Design Thinking Institutes; in 2018, she was honored as DIG’s Outstanding Design Educator. In her thirteenth year as director of the O’Donnell Foundation’s AP Fine Arts incentive program, Ms. Moore applies design thinking to integration planning. For more than 20 years, Deborah taught Pre-AP Art, AP Drawing, 2-D Design, and Art History; served as a fine arts department chair, art department team leader, facilitator of teacher mentoring, and exam reader for College Board AP Studio Art.

DIG Past-Chair 2017-2019  |  Rande Blank

As I reflect on the last two years as DIG Chair, I feel humbled to have been embraced by the DIG community and the opportunities I have been afforded. 
I have had the privilege to participate with DIG members while facilitating several Design Thinking Summer Studios, delivering the DIG Webinar, co-creating the DIG Grant Awards, introducing free student membership, leading DIG meetings and round table discussions, and co-planning pre-conference workshops. Our design thinking and learning community is made up of generous, thoughtful, and empathetic design-minded individuals who I am proud to say are my friends, colleagues, and peers. I am leaving you in good hands with Chair, Doris Wells-Papanek, and Chair-Elect, Deborah Moore. I, along with past chairs, look forward to supporting our new Chairs and Chair-Elects for many years to come.