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DIG Mentorship Initiative Plans

As the DIG Recognition Grant Award Initiative evolves, we plan to expand the program to support our up-and-coming art and design educators; preservice students. Given the substantial number of DIG student members, our goal is to make sense of their learning needs; ways in which we can assist them as they prepare to become practicing art and design educators. Simply put, some number of the DIG grants will then be dedicated to these young art and design educators. 
We aim to support them as they reflect upon design thinking and design learning integration insights; best practices that lead to positive impact on student learning; and ways in which lesson plans can align with the National Visual Art Standards. When students require additional support, we will gladly assist with creating mentor partnerships with DIG members who are practicing 
 and design educators.

DIG Webinar  |  Design Thinking in the K-12 Art Room

Presented by Leslie Gould, K-12 Art Educator

Wednesday, April 10, 2019  |  7-8 pm ET 
FREE for NAEA Members; $49 for non-members

Design thinking is a systematic, iterative process that maximizes the potential for student-devised creative solutions. Learn how a K-12 art educator successfully implemented design thinking in her classroom over the past 3 years, leading students in meaningful, creative problem-solving experiences. Join in the discussion and become inspired to use design thinking methodologies in your classroom! 
Leslie Gould has been a K-12 art teacher in upstate New York for the past 15 years and serves as an advisor for a chapter of the National Art Honor Society. She was selected as a local PBS Digital Innovator in 2016 and presented workshops at the annual NYSATA and NAEA conferences in 2016 and 2017. In summer 2018 she attended NAEA SummerStudio Design Thinking in Laguna Beach, California. At all levels, Leslie strives to align the curriculum with grade level units and standards as well as expose her students to a variety of experiences, including introducing them to art and artists from around the world. To register, please visit: https://virtual.arteducators.org/products/design-thinking-in-the-k-12-art-room

Design Thinking Summer Institute 2018, Laguna College of Art & Design

The Design Thinking Summer Institute “Play, Connect & Lead” was at Laguna College of Art & Design in Laguna Beach, CA from July 16-20, 2018. Twelve team leaders and 50 participants attended the Summer Studio
The professional learning was designed to merge theory and practice in an engaging, productive and practical way, beginning with hands-on studio experiences that exemplify the design process using Design Thinking, and exploring replicable design challenges that draw upon the benefits and motivation of relevant human needs. 
The criteria for the design challenges focused on real-life needs and interests of the individual and participant teams and they applied design thinking principles and strategies through each strand (Play, Connect, & Lead) to design solutions.

Design Thinking Methodologies for K-16 Art and Design Educators

In 2018, Rande Blank along with colleagues from AICAD, delivered a DIG Visible Learning Design Thinking Webinar. Design thinking serves as a systematic, iterative process that maximizes the potential for student-devised creative solutions. Investigate a human-centered approach to solving real-world problems by understanding users’ needs and developing insights that can impact individuals and communities. Learn how K-16 educators are successfully implementing a design-thinking process to lead students in meaningful creative problem-solving experiences. Take away inspiration and information for implementing design thinking methodologies in your classroom. 
Upon completion of this NAEA webinar, you can earn 1 hour of professional development credit as designated by NAEA. To access the Webinar, please log onto your NAEA account, then click on the following link: https://virtual.arteducators.org/products/visible-learning-design-thinking-methodologies-for-k-16-educators

Courtney Bryant Featured in ChildArt Magazine
A Design-Based Game Changing Challenge: "It is 8:30 a.m. on the first day of school. You approach your first class as a new fourth grader. You see many new faces. Your hands are sweaty, your mouth is dry, and you do not know why you are in the Engineering Design class. What is Engineering Design you ask? Fortunately, you do not have to wonder for very long. Your teacher has a plan!" Fast forward to pages 38-39 to read Courtney's story. Several insightful design-based learning interviews and articles included. 
Courtney Bryant is the STEAM Project Manager and Engineering Design Teacher at Drew Charter School in Atlanta.