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Call for 2020-2021 DIG Design-Thinking Learning Challenge Grant Proposals
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2020-2021 Timeline
Grant Proposal:
Due by August 31, 2020 11:59pm EDT

Grant Award Status Notification:
Shared by September 14, 2020

Fall Brief Update: Due no later than November 1, 2020

Winter Brief Update: Due no later than February 15, 2021

Spring Update Presented at NAEA Chicago: March 5, 2021

Final Report:
Due no later than August 30, 2021

The DIG Dr. Martin Rayala Grant Awards recognize dedicated NAEA Art and Design Educators for developing, implementing, and documenting insightful design-thinking learning challenges.

  • The purpose of the grant is to provide funding to develop, implement, and document insightful design-thinking learning challenges that otherwise would not have happened.

  • Annual grants are awarded to dedicated art and design educators who are members
    of NAEA’s Design Interest Group.

  • Each year DIG strives to offer at least two to three cash stipends ranging from $250
    to $500. Each stipend includes, but not limited to, the purchase of requisite materials
    and equipment.

  • Funding of DIG Grant Awards may vary from year to year. Amounts to be determined based on membership numbers and funding contributions. The awards have a timeline of one year from the receipt of the grant to completion.

  • It is highly encouraged that DIG Grant Award Recipients present an Update Report
    during the Award Celebrations at the convention. No additional funding is available to pay
    for NAEA convention registration fees.

Intended Outcomes
  1. Insightful reflections of how design-thinking learning challenges can be successfully integrated into the instructional process

  2. Instructional best-practice methods that lead to a positive impact on student learning, the DIG Community, as well as within NAEA members at large

  3. Alignment of challenge objectives and learning targets with the National Visual Arts Standards (NVAS)

Doris Wells Papanek, DIG Chair, doris@designlearning.us 
Rande Blank, Past-DIG Chair, randefblank@comcast.net

In collaboration with NAEA, the Design Interest Group announced the DIG Dr. Martin Rayala Grant Awards in 2019. The title of the initiative honors the outstanding work of Dr. Martin Rayala, the co-founder of our Design Interest Group. 

Dr. Rayala is highly regarded for his visionary work in the state of Wisconsin where he co-authored a first-of-its-kind K-12 art and design standards. Also, Dr. Rayala was the co-creator of the Visioneers Design Challenge; co-writer of the National Core Media Arts Standards; co-founder of the Design-Lab High School (one of ten schools to receive a 10 million dollar XQ Super School Award); and much more.